• Boosters need to keep one eye open at all times when making NIL offers

    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 24 13:01:20 2023
    The NCAA just announced its punishment against Miami for having a booster make NIL deals to a couple of players with cooperation from the head coach (who served a 3-game suspension earlier in the season because of it).

    The main thing to come out of it is a statement from the Committee on Infractions along the lines of, "Thanks to a new bylaw that took effect on 1/1, we now have the ability to order somebody offering NIL money to disassociate themselves from the school."
    This shouldn't be that big of a problem in most cases, as I am under the impression that most NIL comes from "really big fans" who don't actually give money to the schools or receive any benefits from them in return (other than putting out some Damn
    Good Football/Basketball), but still, any donor who gives out NIL runs the risk of having the players involved being declared ineligible - not to mention a potential bowl/playoff/tournament ban.

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