• I'm not an alabama basketball or Brandon Miller fan......

    From michael anderson@21:1/5 to All on Thu Feb 23 08:36:04 2023
    but some of the national takes on Twitter and such are ridiculous.

    They act like he went out of his way to bring him in a gun to kill someone. That's not even close to what happened.

    Miles *left* the gun in Miller's car. Miller didn't ask for the gun or for him to leave it. Miller was *already* on his way to pick Miles up when the text about the gun came. Miles had been asking Miller to pick him up for some time. Miller *never
    touched or saw* the gun reportedly. It was Miles' legal and registered gun and Miller had nothing to do with any of this really.

    Again not a fan of Bama basketball or Brandon Miller(I haven't seen more than 3 minutes of him play this year on tv), but the so called pundits are not being fair to him or presenting this right and Alabama's decision to allow him to play is absolutely
    the right one.

    Now Coach Oats(again someone I don't have an opinion on either way as Bama basketball isn't a thing for me or most other bama fans) made an incredibly tone-deaf initial statement for the situation. But regarding Miller, people are saying "well at the
    minimum he made a very poor choice and showed poor judgement". I don't agree with this.

    Was he not supposed to pick up the guy(remember he left to pick up the guy before he even got the text about the gun)? Miller had no involvement with the gun in any way.....Miles just left it there and Miller didn't look at it, didn't touch it, didn't "
    bring it to him" etc....

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