• lmao at all these announcers/analysts......

    From michael anderson@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 29 18:20:42 2023
    All throughout the games today on 4th down- "oh I don't think they
    are actually going to go for this. too risky. I'm sure they are just going to try to
    draw them offsides....."

    (this in a situation where analytics CLEARLY states to go for it)

    And then while the color commentator is rambling about how they won't really go for it(in a situation when they absolutely should lol) the ball is snapped. And they pick it up of course.....

    Everytime Tony romo or Kurt warner(heard him on radio today) or Troy Aikman is spewing their "oh I don't think they should actually go for it here" and they do convert and go on to score a td(as just happened) the other guy in the booth should constantly
    remind them throughout the game that if they had punted 'for field position'(lmao) like the analyst wanted they wouldn't have those 7 pts and it would be a totally different game.

    At some point these bozos in the booth are going to understand that this new breed of coaches(like Taylor, Siriani, etc) *does* understand analytics and will go for it appropriately....

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