• I would fire Todd Bowles at halftime.....

    From michael anderson@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jan 16 18:37:57 2023
    If I owned the bucs.

    That fourth and short punting shit at midfield when you are down 12-0 is inexcusable at that point in the game.

    And of course when Tampa Bay turned the ball over(oooops I mean punted; newsflash a punt is a turnover) Dallas went down and scored another td.

    All the teams who won so far this weekend did so by playing aggressively. Then you have this clown giving the ball back voluntarily to the other team on fourth and short at midfield.

    Inexcusable. I wouldn't even let Bowles get to the locker room. I would make sure he is escorted off the property immediately.

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