• Democrat Hypocrisy

    From Irish Mike@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 15 09:21:31 2023
    Spare us your left wing lies & propaganda. Trump and his
    lawyers were cooperating and had already returned some
    documents. The point under discussion was which documents
    Trump had declassified before leaving office. If the DOJ wanted
    additional documents all they had to do was issue a subpoena.

    But this was never really about the documents. It was just another
    left wing Democrat anti-Trump smear campaign like their three (3)
    straight years of the phony, fabricated Russia Collusion Hoax.

    That is the real reason the Democrats sent an armed FBI SWAT
    team to Mar-A-Lago. Raiding the home of a former American President
    had never been done before in the history of our country! So old Joe Biden starts attacking Trump and says how inconceivably irresponsible it is for Trump to have taken these documents lot his home.

    So now, Biden gets caught for having taken classified documents and storing them in multiple unsecured locations - including his garage!
    And, once again, the Democrats are shown to be the Hypocrites they are.

    BTW, those classified documents were discovered at Biden's home
    *Before* the midterm elections. Any idea why the Democrats buried
    that fact until well after the midterm elections were over?

    And, speaking of crooks, any idea why there was never an armed
    FBI SWAT team raid on Hillary & Slick Willie Clinton's home when
    they had thousands of classified government documents stored, and accessible, on an unsecured server in their basement?

    No, didn't think so.

    Irish Mike

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  • From Michael Falkner@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jan 16 00:41:39 2023
    Tick tick -- President Kamala is on the clock...

    Fuck you.


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