• NCAA Convention Division I changes - Part 1

    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 12 06:26:59 2023
    There will be additional changes, mainly based on the Transformation Committee's recommendations, announced Thursday, but for the moment, these changes take effect July 1:

    In order for an athlete to obtain a waiver to having to sit out a year after already using their "free" transfer, the athlete must have either:
    (a) a demonstrated physical injury, illness, or mental health condition that necessitated the student's transfer; or
    (b) circumstances that clearly necessitate a student-athlete's immediate departure from the previous school (e.g., physical assault or abuse, sexual assault) unrelated to the student-athlete's athletics participation
    All other excuses - ESPECIALLY "I didn't get enough playing time" and "they changed my position (e.g. from QB to RB)" - get tossed into some trashcan in Indianapolis

    The minimum SAT/ACT score requirement for eligibility has been removed

    An athlete expected to use either the discontinued sport or non-scholarship exceptions may enter the transfer portal at any time

    plus a few others involving how many coaches some sports are allowed

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