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    Let her fuck off off the debt. 30 days should do it.

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    Rep.-elect George Santos’ sister reportedly skipped years of
    rent on the Queens apartment the siblings once shared — but
    managed in that time to still dish out tens of thousands of
    dollars in political contributions, including $5,000 to her
    lying brother’s campaign.

    Court records show that Tiffany Santos is facing eviction from
    the Elmhurst apartment for failing to pay nearly $40,000 in rent
    since August 2020, the Daily Beast first reported on Thursday.

    She reportedly owes the massive sum, despite receiving more than
    $30,000 in federal emergency rental assistance, paid directly to
    her landlords.

    Tiffany Santos’ lease was terminated by the building’s owners in
    May 2022, five months after New York City lifted its COVID-era
    moratorium on evictions. Since then, the landlords argue in the
    filing that she and two other unnamed individuals have been
    squatting at the apartment.

    “Respondent failed to pay the arrears sought in this proceeding,
    even after ERAP payment,” a lawyer for the building owners wrote
    in a Dec. 5 court filing, obtained by the Daily Beast.

    “To date, all rent has become due and owing … and has remained
    unpaid,” the filing continued, requesting the occupants of
    Tiffany Santos’ apartment be evicted.

    In the time that rent wasn’t being paid, Tiffany Santos gave
    $5,000 to her brother’s congressional campaign in December 2021
    and more than $16,000 to other GOP candidates in December 2021
    and June 2022, Federal Election Commission records show.

    One of the recipients of Tiffany Santos’ political charity was
    Michelle Bond, who lost a GOP primary race for a Long Island
    House seat. Bond received a total of $8,700 from Santos, of
    which $2,900 was returned because she donated above the legal

    Victor Almeida, who at one point was engaged to Tiffany Santos,
    according to her Facebook account, told The Post on Thursday
    that the pair have broken up and claimed that the debt to the
    building’s owners has been settled.

    “We ended up paying everything later, after she left,” Almeida
    told The Post, adding that he lives in the same building
    purportedly evicting Tiffany Santos with “two other guys.”

    Almeida denied allegations made to The Post that he and his ex
    ripped out smoke detectors to smoke in the apartment and stole
    packages from other tenants.

    “The building accused me of a lot of s–t,” he said.

    Almeida wouldn’t say when his ex moved out, and said he doesn’t
    talk to her infamous brother.

    “Honesty, I don’t talk to George. If he was here, it definitely
    wasn’t for me,” he said after being told George Santos was
    spotted by The Post at the Elmhurst apartment building just last

    “Even when I was with his sister, I wasn’t on good terms with
    him,” added Almeida.

    Santos told the Daily Beast that his stay at his sister’s
    Elmhurst apartment was temporary. He was spotted moving luggage,
    shopping bags, and a pair of dogs into the Elmhurst building on
    Dec. 27.

    The disgraced rep.-elect told the Daily Beast on Monday he
    already moved into a new apartment within his district in north

    A lawyer for Tiffany Santos did not respond to The Post’s
    request for comment.

    George Santos admitted to The Post last month that he fabricated
    much of his professional resume during his run for Congress,
    including a claim that he and his family owned 13 properties and
    had been devastated financially by tenants not paying rent
    during the COVID pandemic.

    During the exclusive interview, Santos also acknowledged to
    being a deadbeat tenant himself in Sunnyside, Queens, where the
    New York Times reported that he was ordered by a judge to pay
    more than $12,000 to a former landlord who claimed non-payment
    of several months of rent — as well as that Santos had tried to
    pass a check that bounced.

    Santos told The Post that at the time of the lawsuit, his family
    was deep in medical debt from his mother’s cancer battle.

    “We were engulfed in debt,” he said. “We had issues paying rent
    at the time. It’s the vulnerability of being human. I am not
    embarrassed by it.”

    Asked if he ever actually paid the arrears, Santos admitted: “We
    didn’t pay it off.”

    <https://nypost.com/2023/01/06/george-santos-sister-tiffany- facing-eviction-for-years/>

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