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    Put these nigs to work cleaning sewers. If they try to escape, shoot them.

    Just 327 unrepentant crooks accounted for 30% of the Big Apple’s
    22,000 shoplifting arrests last year, the NYPD said Thursday.

    The staggering statistics mean the alleged recidivists got
    busted a total of about 6,600 times — for an average of more
    than 20 times each.

    But even more alarming is where most of them are now — which is
    right back on the streets, NYPD Chief of Crime Control
    Strategies Michael Lipetri said during a briefing on 2022’s
    CompStat numbers.

    Lipetri said the city’s ongoing shoplifting crisis sparked about
    63,000 complaints from merchants.

    “We arrested 327 people, 327 people that account for 30% of all
    the arrests,” he said. “All the arrests — 327 people are 30% of
    our 22,000.”

    Lipetri also said that “about half” of the group were “convicted

    “And guess what? Two hundred thirty-five of them — so 235 out of
    327 — are walking around the streets of New York right now,” he
    said. “Just doing what? Unfortunately, making stores close or
    making families wait 15 minutes 20 minutes to get something
    unlocked — because there’s not a lot of consequences.”

    New York’s controversial, 2019 bail reform law generally
    prohibits judges from setting bail in cases involving non-
    violent felonies and misdemeanors such as shoplifting.

    Mayor Eric Adams, who’s been calling on state lawmakers to roll
    back bail reform, said Thursday that he planned to “return to
    Albany this year to talk about things like, how do we look at

    The Post has exclusively exposed several serial shoplifters,
    including self-proclaimed “professional booster” Michelle
    McKelley, “Teflon con” Charles Wold and “Man of Steal” Isaac
    Rodriguez — whose story led then-NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea
    to tweet: “Insanity. No other way to describe the resulting
    crime that has flowed from disastrous bail reform law.”

    Also during Thursday’s briefing at NYPD headquarters in Lower
    Manhattan, Chief of Patrol John Chell said the department’s low-
    profile Neighborhood Safety Teams seized 431 guns during 411
    incidents that led to 501 arrests.

    “One out of every four encounters resulted in a firearm being
    removed from the street,” Chell said.

    Adams called the work of the NSTs — which he established after
    the NYPD’s controversial, undercover Anti-Crime Units were
    disbanded under former Mayor Bill de Blasio — “a huge win for

    “And those 500 guns mean 500 people are less likely to be shot,”
    he said.

    The NYPD’s year-end CompStat report showed major declines in
    murders and shootings, which fell 11.3% and 17.2%, respectively,
    compared to 2021.

    But the overall rate of major crimes increased by 22.4%, with
    double-digit spikes in five of the seven categories.

    Auto thefts skyrocketed 32.2%, followed by robberies and grand
    larcenies, which surged 25.5% and 25.2%.

    Burglaries rose 22.1%, while felony assaults increased by 12.9%
    and rapes were up 7.7%, according to the NYPD.


    7 hours ago

    Well I'll be, I never thought this would be the end result of
    the no-bail catch and release policy. Said no one, especially
    the perps.

    Gdub Dubg
    7 hours ago

    I think Tina Moore is missing a vital statistic. Please write to
    her and ask what race the largest percentage of criminals were

    <https://nypost.com/2023/01/05/327-crooks-made-up-30-of- shoplifting-arrests-in-2022-nypd/>

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