• Stupid driller "dad" tries to batwing his sheboon

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    A New York City dad has been arrested and charged with attempted murder and other crimes for
    allegedly running his wife over with the family's SUV and then stabbing her ? all in front of
    their three children, authorities said.

    Stephen Giraldo, 36, was taken into custody at the scene in Flushing, Queens. He has also been
    charged with assault, reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal
    possession of a weapon in the Dec. 27 incident that left his wife, Sophia Giraldo, hospitalized
    with critical injuries, according to a press release from the Queens District Attorney's Office.


    Beyond Beautiful!? So far beyond, that she went full circle - back to fat, black, fugly and obnoxious.
    He saw his chance, and he couldn't stop his foot from mashing the accelerator. But he'd have to use
    a steam roller to reliably batwing a buffarilla, and following up with a knife wasn't even enough. Maybe
    Robert DeNiro will start a fan club and a GoFundMe for him.

    "Hail imp," shouted Vlad, the Imp Hailer.

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    Sounds to me, bitch, like you support her getting run over.


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