• 2022 RSFC CFPOOL Late Bowls Entry Form

    From CFPool Email Account@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 5 07:56:53 2022
    As usual, the Late Bowls are a 1000-point week with 50 bonus points
    awarded to the winner of the week.

    This entry includes the four possible national championship matchups.
    The three potential matchups that do not materialize will be dropped
    after the semi-finals are complete and will not affect your score.

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    Games for 2022 RSFC CFPOOL Late Bowls,
    due Wed, Dec 28, 2022, 12:00 PM MST:

    Central Florida vs Duke
    Kansas vs Arkansas
    Oregon vs North Carolina
    Texas Tech vs Mississippi
    Syracuse vs Minnesota
    Oklahoma vs Florida State
    Texas vs Washington
    Maryland vs North Carolina State
    Pittsburgh vs UCLA
    Notre Dame vs South Carolina
    Ohio vs Wyoming
    Tennessee vs Clemson
    Iowa vs Kentucky
    Alabama vs Kansas State
    TCU vs Michigan
    Ohio State vs Georgia
    Mississippi State vs Illinois
    Tulane vs Southern California
    LSU vs Purdue
    Penn State vs Utah
    Michigan 1 vs Georgia 1
    Georgia 2 vs TCU 1
    Ohio State 1 vs Michigan 2
    TCU 2 vs Ohio State 2

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