• Great Moments In USC vs Cal Men's Water Polo History

    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 5 08:10:21 2022
    2006 - USC scores with 2 seconds left in the national championship game against Cal to tie the game at 6. The Cal goalie throws the ball the length of the pool, the horn goes off, and the ball ricochets off a USC player and into the net. Apparently, the
    USC goalie thought they were playing by FINA rules, where a period ends when the time runs out - but under NCAA rules, if the ball is in the air, it is still in play, and if it goes into the goal, even if touched by a defensive player, it counts. Cal 7,
    USC 6.

    2022 - USC scores early in the fourth quarter to take a 12-8 lead.
    Final score: USC 12...Cal 13.

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