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    ...Queers cannot be trusted.

    The Biden administration refused to say whether a top official
    overseeing nuclear waste policy continues receiving government
    pay after being charged with theft.

    While the Department of Energy (DOE) has confirmed that Samuel
    Brinton, who was named deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel
    and waste disposition over the summer, was placed on leave, the
    agency has yet to say whether Brinton is still on its payroll.
    In October, Brinton was charged with stealing a suitcase worth
    $2,325 from a baggage carousel at the Minneapolis St. Paul

    "Sam Brinton is on leave from DOE, and Dr. Kim Petry is
    performing the duties of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent
    Fuel and Waste Disposition," a DOE spokesperson told Fox News
    Digital in a statement earlier this week.

    Fox News Digital contacted the DOE multiple times Thursday but
    did not receive a response about whether Brinton continued to
    receive a government paycheck despite the outstanding charges.


    Brinton, who is also one of the federal government's first-ever
    officials to identify as non-binary, allegedly took the luggage
    after traveling from Washington, D.C., on Sept. 16, according to
    a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 26 in Minnesota state court.
    Security camera footage of the incident reviewed by law
    enforcement showed Brinton taking the bag from carousel before
    removing its tag and hurrying away.

    Weeks after the incident, Brinton confirmed having the bag when
    a police officer called to discuss the matter. However, the DOE
    official denied any wrongdoing.

    "If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it, but I
    donít have any clothes for another individual," Brinton told the
    officer. "That was my clothes when I opened the bag."


    In a call two hours later, Brinton apologized to the officer for
    not being "completely honest" but said the bag was taken due to
    tiredness. Still, Brinton was seen trave

    Brinton was charged in October with felony theft of a movable
    property without consent and, as a result, faces a five-year
    imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both. Brinton is slated to
    appear during a court hearing on Dec. 19 in relation to the case.

    Brinton's lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

    Brinton had received attention in June after being appointed to
    the DOE's Office of Nuclear Energy for being non-binary. In
    addition to previous roles at nuclear waste storage firm Deep
    Isolation, the Bipartisan Policy Center and think tank Third
    Way, Brinton served in a senior role at the Trevor Project, a
    group that seeks to prevent suicide among LGBT youth.

    "Thereís been a lot of people who are quite upset that donít
    think that I am quite as qualified as others," Brinton said in
    an interview with E&E News in October.

    "I respond with multiple graduate degrees from MIT, a decade of
    working in nuclear policy and the strongest enthusiasm for
    working in nuclear waste out of anybody."


    15 hours ago

    Assuming that this role at DOE requires a security clearance it
    will be interesting to see if this person keeps their job. Itís
    next to impossible to maintain a security clearance with a
    felony conviction on their record. If this person does keep
    their job itís a true indicator of a rigged system.


    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-admin-wont-say-non-binary- official-charged-stealing-womans-luggage-still-receiving-paycheck

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