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    MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) - A senior nuclear energy official in the
    Biden administration is facing charges of stealing a suitcase at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

    Sam Brinton serves as a senior official in the Department of
    Energy. According to charges, the theft happened in September
    with Brinton reportedly taking a Vera Bradley roller bag worth
    $2,325 from a luggage carousel at MSP.

    In a criminal complaint, police say they spotted Brinton on
    security video recordings removing the tags identifying the
    owner from the luggage while stealing the luggage.

    According to the charges, Brinton was seen on two other
    occasions after the theft using the luggage.

    Brinton also reportedly admitted to investigators to stealing
    the luggage when police contacted her about the suitcase. Police
    say Brinton initially denied the theft but later called
    investigators back two hours later and apologized for not being
    "completely honest."

    Investigators instructed Brinton on October 9 on how to return
    the luggage to Delta. However, by the filing date of the charges
    on October 27, the bags still hadn't been returned, police say.

    Brinton is charged with theft for the incident. In a statement
    to Fox News, a Department of Energy spokesperson says Brinton is
    on leave.

    https://www.fox9.com/news/biden-admin-nuclear-energy-official- charged-with-stealing-suitcase-at-msp-airport

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