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    Niggers are stupid and they don't deny it.

    In the case of high school football quarterback Marcus Stokes,
    that’s losing a lucrative scholarship from the University of
    Florida after he uttered the N-word while rapping a song that
    was captured on video.

    According to the New York Post, the student from Nease High
    School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., had posted a video on social
    media of himself rapping alongside a song during a joyride in a

    In the now-deleted video, Stokes can be heard saying, ‘Welcome
    back, n*****.”

    In a statement posted to Twitter on Sunday, Stokes explained his
    actions, stating he was in his car listening to rap music and
    was mouthing along to the words which he then posted on social

    “I deeply apologize for the words in the song which I chose to
    say,” said Stokes. “It was hurtful and offensive to many people,
    and I regret that.”

    Stokes said he fully accepts the consequences of his actions and
    respected the University of Florida’s decision to rescind the
    scholarship offer.

    “My intent was never to hurt anybody and I recognize that even
    going along with a song, my words still carry a lot of weight,”
    said Stokes. “I will strive to be better and to become the best
    version of myself both on and off the field.”

    Stokes plays at the same high school that produced Tim Tebow.
    Prior to committing to Florida this past July, he had initially
    desired to play at Penn State and had received more than a dozen
    offers from NCAA Division 1 programs, the Post reported.

    No you don't. You're just sucking dick hoping nobody else kicks
    your ignorant black ass to the curb.

    <https://torontosun.com/news/world/university-cancels- scholarship-after-football-player-uses-n-word-in-rap-video>

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