• Funny Vegan anti-meat story

    From Irish Mike@21:1/5 to All on Sun Nov 13 12:38:58 2022
    Last week I went to a group lunch at a local
    restaurant. Nothing fancy, just your standard
    menu. People ordered burgers, fries, chicken,
    salads, etc. I got fish n' chips with malt vinegar.
    So this one woman at the table starts telling
    every one how unhealthy their food choices are -
    especially those eating meat. Turns out she is a
    Vegan and an expert in what you should and
    should not eat.

    So, she and this one guy get into it because he
    ordered a hamburger with bacon - which I must admit
    I have done myself on occasion.

    Any way, after the lunch I'm walking out and I see the Vegan
    lady get in her car. First thing she does is light up a
    cigarette! I thought about saying something to her
    but decided against it. I figure any one stupid enough
    to smoke is stupid enough to try and run you down!

    Irish Mike

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