• Conference and Division Races - G5

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    This one is much more complicated than the P5 in figuring out who is going to win with their tiebreakers, so I'm just going back to the truncated standings version for this one. All teams within 1 loss of 2nd place in the conference for divisionless
    conferences or 1 loss of the division leader are listed. I am listing the games they have left.

    UCF 5-1, vs. Navy @USF
    Cincinnati 5-1, @Temple. vs. Tulane
    Tulane 5-1, vs. SMU @Cincinnati
    SMU 4-2, @Tulane, vs. Memphis
    Houston 4-2, @East Carolina, vs. Tulsa

    UTSA 6-0, @Rice vs. UTEP
    North Texas 5-2, vs. Rice
    Western Kentucky 5-2, @FAU (also @Auburn)
    Florida Atlantic 5-2, @MTSU, vs. Western Kentucky
    Rice 3-3, vs. UTSA, @North Texas

    MAC East:
    Ohio 5-1, @Ball State, vs. Bowling Green
    Buffalo 4-2. vs. Akron, vs. Kent State
    Bowling Green 4-2, @Toledo, @Ohio

    Bowling Green got to a 4-2 record scraping by the worst teams in the MAC, so it seems even if Ohio loses to Ball State, it should come down to Ohio vs. Buffalo, and Ohio beat Buffalo 45-24, so Ohio clearly has the inside track.

    MAC West:
    Toledo 5-1, vs. Bowling Green, vs. Western Michigan - one win among these two clinches it outright.

    Mountain West Mountain:
    Boise State 6-0, @Wyoming, vs. Utah State
    Wyoming 5-1, vs. Boise State, @Fresno State

    Mountain West West:
    Fresno State 5-1, @Nevada, vs. Wyoming
    San Diego State 4-2, @New Mexico, vs. Air Force
    San Jose State 4-2, @Utah State, vs. Hawaii
    I'll note here that Fresno State has wins over both SDSU and SJSU, so it would take Fresno State losing both of its remaining games for it not to be the West champion

    Sun Belt East:
    Actually, this turns out to be an easy one, too. Coastal Carolina is 6-1, and the only team that could catch them is James Madison at 4-2, which is ineligible. They do play each other still, so JMU could finish ahead of Coastal in a typical scenario.
    JMU also plays Georgia State. Coastal plays at Virginia.

    Sun Belt West:
    Troy 5-1, vs. UL-Monroe, @Arkansas State
    South Alabama 5-1, @Southern Miss., vs. Old Dominion
    Troy beat South Alabama earlier this season, so this one turns out to be pretty easy, too.

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