• Looks like it's time for my annual CFP Bowl Selection Process post...

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    1. The #1 and #4 ranked teams in the final vote are placed into whichever of the Peach or Fiesta bowls are considered the bigger advantage to the #1 team. Gee, if Georgia is #1, I wonder where they're going to play?
    The #2 and #3 ranked teams are placed in the other bowl.

    2. The Big 10 and Pac-12 champions go to the Rose Bowl, and the SEC and Big 12 champions go to the Sugar Bowl. If any of them is in the Peach or Fiesta, it is replaced in the Rose/Sugar by a team from the same conference. How it is done depends on the
    conference - the last I heard, it was:
    Big 10, Pac-12: the Rose Bowl Committee chooses
    SEC: the highest ranked team below the top 4
    Big 12: the conference championship game loser

    3. The ACC champion goes to the Orange Bowl. If it is in the Peach or Fiesta, it is replaced in the Orange by the highest-ranked ACC team not in the top 4; if there are none, the Orange Bowl Committee chooses.

    4. The highest ranked team from among the SEC, Big 10, and Notre Dame not already in another bowl goes to the Orange.

    5. This just leaves the Cotton. The highest ranked champion from among the American, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West, and Sun Belt conferences goes to the Cotton, unless it is in the Peach or Fiesta. If none of them are ranked, the CFP committee
    conducts a vote among the five teams to choose one. Note that this is only done at the end of the season.
    The remaining spot (or spots, if there is a non-Power 5 conference champion in the Peach or Fiesta) goes to the highest rank team(s) not already in a bowl, regardless of conference.

    For exmple, suppose the last CFP rankings are:
    1. Georgia (SEC conference champion)
    2. Ohio State (Big 10 conference champion)
    3. Tennessee
    4. Michigan
    5. Oregon (Pac-12 conference champion)
    6. LSU
    7. Alabama
    8. TCU (Big 12 conference champion)
    9. Clemson (ACC conference champion)
    10. USC

    Peach: Georgia - Michigan
    Fiesta: Ohio State - Tennessee
    Rose: Oregon - (a Big 10 school)
    Sugar: LSU - TCU
    Orange: Alabama - Clemson
    Cotton: USC - (a non-Power 5 conference's champion)
    There's one "onion in the ointment" concerning the non-Power 5: there's a chance San Jose State can end up winning the Mountain West, but it has a game against New Mexico State that was postponed. If SJSU ends up in the MW championship, the only open
    date for that game is Army-Navy weekend, in which case, the CFP committee may have to wait until then to decide who would get the Cotton Bowl spot. (There is already a provision for this if Navy wins the American.)

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