• Georgia is basically in now....Tennessee sitting really really really g

    From michael anderson@21:1/5 to All on Sat Nov 5 20:32:04 2022
    Interestingly, Tennessee has a *much better* chance right now of making the playoffs than they did before kickoff of their game against Georgia. A game they were easily beaten in lol. That's college football.

    So...in right now barring some crazy upset: Georgia, tOSU/Michigan winner

    in really good position for a playoff slot assuming they beat
    the bad teams left on schedule: Tennessee

    in if they just win out, which they have a less than 20 percent chance of:

    the biggest winner(other than tennessee) in all of today's chaos? That would be the loser of the ohio state/michigan game as well as a potential 1 loss pac12 champ. I could very much see the final argument for the final slot coming down to those two
    teams........and eric ramon would be happy to hear his team has a decent chance to get the bid imo.(if michigan had at least one ooc win worth something it would help them, but they don't)

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