• The most devastating part of this ruling is not just the delay part...

    From Michael Falkner@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 5 11:23:21 2022
    For those who didn't catch it, Trump gets his Special Master.

    Here's the fun part: The judge is actually granting it on both the basis of attorney-client privilege and executive privilege.

    If that's the case, Trump, for the third time in major respects can now publicly tell the public he is above all law.

    If the documents regarding the intelligence and nuclear realities of this country are subject to those two situations (not to mention, how does an attorney even get entitled to Top Secret or even SCIF situation in that regard???), then how, then, does
    Trump not assert the right to grant access to everything, including the nuclear codes, at his sole election?

    My belief, on top of it, is this ruling means the judge actually believes Trump is still President and has right to these documents!

    One step closer to street-to-street Civil War. Just saying, Your Bitch.


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