• Another MAGAt right-winger finds his balls. And a real, genuine questio

    From Michael Falkner@21:1/5 to All on Thu Aug 11 16:27:17 2022

    That is a social media post and response from Ricky Shiffer, who is believed to have attempted to shoot up an Ohio FBI office, starting with a nail gun and then waving an AK-47 at the cops or somesuch.

    Shiffer has now been killed by the police after a day-long standoff.

    So the question comes up: Is that why the rest of you who believe the election was stolen and Kamala Harris blow-jobbed her way to the Vice Presidency and the like have not taken the action many of you say you want to take?

    In short, are you the terrorists or are we?

    In short, get a nutsack or shut up.


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