• We now have our 32-team "Division IV", if they want it. Who gets choppe

    From Michael Falkner@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 30 18:50:43 2022
    16 teams in the Big 16 in 2024, 16 in the SE-16 in 2025.

    My thought: 12-game regular season, 8 team divisions, static conference schedule every year (in-division +1 "rivalry" cross game).

    Final week of the regular season, you have Round 1 of an 8-team NC tournament: 1st place in one division plays the second place in the other.

    The other teams play 3v3, 4v4, etc.

    Rose Bowl becomes Big 16 Championship Game Jan 1, Bidding War for the SE-16 Championship Game -- and then it depends on how late or how they wanna do it to see if the NC game either is mid-January or, what the Hell, if they can hold the Men's College
    World Series in late June, they can do the NC game Super Bowl Saturday Night.

    You have some room to make moves.

    Notre Dame and Clemson are givens -- they will get in this somewhere (ND in the B16, Clemson in the SE-16).

    What other schools from the other three conferences would you even CONSIDER at this point?

    And then, who gets chopped to winnow it down properly?


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