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    Damon Arnette was cut by the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday, and
    stories are now trickling out about all the off-field issues the
    former first-round pick had. One of them — or should we say several
    of them — involved rental cars.

    Ian Rapoport of NFL Media noted that there were several troubling
    signs for Arnette during his first year with the Raiders. For
    example, Arnette somehow managed to crash four rental cars in a
    one-month span.

    Raiders coaches and officials had to have been concerned about that.
    While we don’t know the details of the alleged accidents, it seems
    impossible that someone would simply be that unlucky.

    Arnette had some extremely troubling posts on social media last
    week, and it appears those were the final straw for the former Ohio
    State star. He was also recently sued by a woman over an alleged

    The Raiders had two first-round picks last year, and both have now
    been cut. They also parted ways with Henry Ruggs after the star wide
    receiver was responsible for a horrifying car accident that killed
    another driver last week.

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