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    Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Damon Arnette was involved in a car
    accident roughly a year ago, and he is now being sued over the

    According to KSNV’s Matthew Seeman, a lawsuit that was filed last
    month accuses Arnette of leaving the scene after he hit another car
    and caused serious injuries to the other driver. The accident
    reportedly took place on Oct. 14, 2020.

    Yaneth Casique, the driver of the other vehicle, says in the
    complaint that Arnette was traveling at least 65 mph on St. Rose
    Parkway in Las Vegas when he lost control of his car and crashed
    into hers, which was stopped at an intersection. Casique says
    Arnette explained that he was speeding “to avoid being late for a
    meeting he was to attend” at the Raiders’ facility, which was
    roughly a block from the accident.

    The lawsuit states that Arnette left the scene and that his
    passenger tried to say he was driving the vehicle, not Arnette.

    “Later defendant Damon Arnette was located and confronted at Raiders Headquarters when he admitted he was the operator of the vehicle
    that was traveling at a high rate of speed when he lost control of
    the vehicle and crashed into the vehicle operated by plaintiff
    Yaneth Coromoto Casique,” the suit states.

    The lawsuit also names the Raiders as defendants, claiming Arnette
    was “acting within the scope of employment.”

    Arnette was charged with failure to maintain a lane and duty to stop
    at an accident, according to court records. He pleaded guilty and
    paid $1,640 in fines for the two misdemeanors.

    Casique says she hit her head in the accident and lost
    consciousness. She states that she has suffered from headaches,
    balance impairment, memory loss and other symptoms since the crash.
    She is seeking damages for medical expenses, loss of income,
    property damage, attorney’s fees and general damages. Casique says
    she has medical bills that total nearly $100,000.

    The lawsuit against Arnette was filed last month. The Raiders have
    since dealt with more negative publicity with Henry Ruggs’ deadly
    crash, for which he is facing numerous felony charges. Arnette, like
    Ruggs, was drafted by the Raiders in the first round last year.

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