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    I'm actually wondering if Kyle Shanahan would have been better going
    for the TD than the FG on 4th down. They were at the Kansas City 9. Obviously, not getting the TD allows the Chiefs to win on a FG, but
    part of the reason you go for it deep in the opponents' territory is
    that upon failure, they have to start deep in their own territory. Frequently, this actually leads to a punt and great field position on
    your next possession.

    I was thinking the same thing myself, though I am sure the strong and
    accurate leg of Butker was a big consideration.

    It was 4th & 4. Yeah - I'm thinking that this was actually the bigger strategic mistake than receiving the ball first, which seems like the
    right call to me. However, had that backfired and KC wins on a FG,
    Shanahan would have been even more slammed in the media than he has
    already for what I think are completely bizarre things (like the
    suggestions that he should have rammed C(3.5ypc)Mc into the line more
    or given the ball to KC in OT).

    It's always a crapshoot. A bounce one way or the other and a different
    hero is anointed...

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