• Re: thats the worst fumble in a super bowl I've ever seen.....

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    Speaking of the Super Bowl, what's your take on one of the talking heads >> >> (was it Romo?) who thought the 49ers should have kicked off to start the OT?

    Here's how I see it: at first, I agreed - but then, I realized, if the
    Chiefs get the ball first, score, and then the 49ers match it, the Chiefs >> >> now get the ball in a "first team that scores wins" situation. Especially >> >> with the way both teams' kickers were playing, getting the ball first was the play.

    I thought they did that because they thought the Chiefs defense was gassed >> > and they wanted to take advantage of that, plus rest their own defense.

    Turns out they didn’t know the rules.


    That article suggests that the players didn't know, but Shanahan knew
    and wanted the ball after they'd hopefully traded TDs or FGs and it
    really became sudden death.

    KC having a kicker with a massive and accurate leg certainly had
    something to do with that. You don't want to end up on the other
    side of that equation.

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