• Re: Nikki Haley is just another Bushy neocon

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    On 2024-02-09, JE Corbett <jecorbett4@gmail.com> wrote:
    When I first learned Nikki Haley was interested in the presidency, I thought she
    might be a good choice for the GOP since I didn't think Trump was going to run
    and didn't think he had a prayer of getting elected. Both have since surprised me.
    While Trump has engineered the greatest political comeback since Nixon in 1968, and maybe even greater than that, Haley has showed herself to be just another old establishment Bush/Cheney neocon that has lost control of the party. That faction of the GOP has never forgiven Trump for denying Jeb Bush the party's nomination and possible election in 2016. In their minds it was his
    turn and it was stolen from him by an outsider and political neophyte Donald Trump. How dare he upset their applecart.

    What the old GOP establishment has never figured out is the reason the rank and file Republicans abandoned them is because they found a guy in Donald Trump who would fight for the things they believed in. The old establishment claimed to believe in those same things, but when push came to shove, they would get rolled by the Democrat leadership because they didn't have the stomach for a fight. We saw it in Bush 41. We saw it in Senate majority leader Bob Dole. We saw it in Bush 43. We saw it in one Republican House Speaker after another. When the MSM started to criticize them, they would wilt like flowers.

    When I first learned Trump was going to attempt a comeback, I was lukewarm
    to the idea. No more. I am all in for Donald Trump. Not only will he get my vote, he will get my time and my money. I will do my part to make sure the next president isn't named Joe, Kamala, Gavin, or Michelle. The country
    needs four more years of Donald Trump.

    In the unlikely event that Biden can survive the current crisis, or
    the longshot that the Dems would entrust the nomination to Kamala, I
    wouldn't mind Trump being president.

    But Gavin Newsom or one of the other Dem governors will be opposing
    Trump, and that's got to be an L for Trump. He is toxic; this was
    proven by the 2022 midterms when all of the candidates he embraced did
    5-10 points worse than normal Republicans. He single-handedly lost
    the Senate 3 times -- 2020, GA runoff, and 2022.

    One just hopes that he'll go quietly and fade into the woodwork...yes,
    it's a vain hope but what else do we have?

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