• Re: NBC can stick their Peacock where the sun don't shine

    From Con Reeder, unhyphenated American@21:1/5 to The NOTBCS Guy on Fri Jan 12 18:02:37 2024
    On 2024-01-12, The NOTBCS Guy <don.p.del.grande@gmail.com> wrote:
    NBC is gambling their $110 million investment to get a playoff game to be
    shown exclusively on their streaming service is going to payoff spectacularly
    in new subscriptions. I hope they fail spectacularly.

    You are not alone by a long shot:


    Aren't they doing what they usually do and showing it on the
    local NBC affiliate in at least the KC and Miami metro areas?
    I think they will.

    Not that I'll be able to watch the 'phins where I am, up the coast 150 miles...

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