• Re: Washington players bail out their boneheaded coach

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    Kalen DeBoer's decision to pass the ball on third down when a chip
    shot field goal was going to give Washington a 9 point lead with a
    little over 2 minutes allowed Texas to keep both their remaining
    timeouts. That proved to be crucial when Washington recovered the
    onside kick with 1:15. At that point the game would have and should
    have been over if Texas only had one timeout. Because they had still
    had two, Washington couldn't take a knee and run out the clock. The
    end result was Texas had four cracks at the game winning touchdown
    from the Washington 12 yard line. Fortunately for DeBoer, his players
    stepped up and bailed him out. Otherwise he would be getting crushed
    today and he would deserve it.

    How can coaches who make millions of dollars a year make such
    boneheaded decisions when the right call is so obvious?

    a bunch of boneheaded moves, including running Johnson over and over,
    at 2 yds a pop, resulting in field goals when a touchdown would have
    put the game out of reach. If they were going to run him at the end of
    the game they could have taken a knee with the same result and run off another 40 seconds but lost that when he got hurt.

    That won't work against Michigan. Michigan as a group is very
    determined and Washington can't give them an inch or they will wind up
    like Alabama, wondering what could have been.

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