• Re: actual value of Ohtani contract.....

    From RoddyMcCorley@21:1/5 to michael anderson on Mon Dec 11 23:08:00 2023
    On 12/11/2023 8:35 PM, michael anderson wrote:
    is waaaaaaaaaay less than originally reported now. After all he's going to be getting some of this money over 20 years from now.

    Right now, the real value of the contract is probably more like 280-300 million dollars total than 700 million.

    This isn't even close to the richest contract in mlb history.

    The first arod deal with the rangers still holds that distinction(in terms of real money). This isn't even close to that.

    You're right!

    I would have turned it down. He could make more in the Mexican League.

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