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    In 2023 the committee focused mostly on eye test without their qb and
    then secondarily overall body of work(best win LSU probably vs an
    alabama best win that is.....well as humongous as it gets) to keep FSU out(and put bama and texas in). They felt those things, like in 1993, overshadowed the loss difference.

    If they had their QB and had pounded Louisville, they'd get in and
    the committee would have an impossible decision to leave out the
    SEC champion due to Texas win at Alabama. But the QB got injured and
    gave them an out, and they made the right decision. I am no SEC
    fanboi, but how do you leave out the conference that has won 13 of
    the 17 CFPs? Talk about your asterisks...

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    Also I was old enough to remember 1993 well. That was *not* controversial at all at the time and there was very little debate. Everyone acknowledged that ND won the hth in a close game in south bend(and yes it was a close game at the end.....perhaps
    if ND had played the 4th qtr like they did the first 3 it wouldnt have been a close game and they may have garnered more consideration), but the *overwhelming* advantage FSU had over ND across the board when looking at the rest of the schedule and
    results more than made up for that.

    This is false--- the controversy bit not the age bit. A look at the rsfc archives shows heated discussion similar to this year: WVU was unbeaten and had as many top 20 wins as FSU. FSU's margins of victory were higher--- including against common
    opponent Miami. FSU stats were better. Still, FSU lost to ND who lost to BC who lost to unbeaten WVU.

    who lost to Florida who lost to FSU.

    WVU beat #17 Louisville, #4 Miami by 3, and #11 BC.
    FSU beat #21 Clemson, #13 NC, #3 Miami by 18. lost to #2 ND, beat #6 Florida

    WVU did indeed howl and claim they were hosed, they were, after all, 13-0, while FSU had lost a game and was 12-1. WVU played one top 10 team and FSU
    played 3. Sounds like today, doesn't it, with FSU ironically on the other side this time.

    During the WVU- Florida Sugar Bowl game, one announcer commented on 2 loss Florida dominating and destroying 13-0 WVU, (UF won by 34) and Brent
    Musberger, the second announcer commented that "the Gators aren't Maryland, folks". An allusion to the fact that schedule strength affects record.

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