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    Now, we opt out of "meaningless" bowl games. How long before players start opting out of the season once they know they aren't playoff bound?
    That's not already happening?

    And if it's not, it's probably only because they want good tape for the pro scouts.

    Found one example of an Oklahoma guy doing it, and Stoops going ballistic on him. My question really came up because Chop Robinson (PSU) has opted out of the bowl game. But why did he even bother playing against Michigan State? I can sort of see the
    Rutgers game because that was his last home game, but what relevance did the MSU game have vs. the bowl game?

    Tennessee's Jalen Hurd, a very good running back, "opted out" during his
    jr season. He wanted to be also used as a receiver (he did have good
    hands) and apparently Butch Jones agreed. However, he never got the
    opportunity and pretty much told Jones FU. Then enrolled at Baylor and
    had good success. He may be hanging on a taxi squad somewhere.

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