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    From chokers@21:1/5 to Michael Falkner on Sun Dec 3 05:55:16 2023
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    On Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 7:46:50 PM UTC-8, Eric Ramon wrote:

    I don't think Georgia has a case but I do agree that FSU looks pretty
    , even if they do win this game. Smart is saying "best four teams".
    Ok. Washington, Oregon and two others.

    Washington, Texas, Alabama, and either Michigan if you don't DQ them
    or Georgia if you do.

    God, why is it so difficult for the Committee to have some balls and institute the penalty to throw Michigan off the field when it is
    goddamn obvious this championship is coming back?

    Because this is what is probably going to fuck Georgia, probably even
    Ohio State.

    Georgia, Ohio State and Oregon lost when it counted. They don't belong in
    any discussion of best. Agree Michigan should pay the price and forfeit
    every game up to the point they fired the spy.

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