• Preliminary Conference Comparisons

    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 27 12:59:31 2023
    The "final" conference comparisons will be done after the CFP championship game, so the bowls can be taken into account, but here is the preliminary conference-by-conference comparison.
    The numbers represent how many "wins" each conference had against its opponent, by comparing every team in one conference to every team in another and counting how many were ranked higher on more of the polls at the Massey site that rank every team.
    Each conference beat all of the ones below it; only the score against the conference immediately below it is listed.

    1. SEC beat Pac-12, 89-79
    2. Pac-12 beat Big 12, 94-74
    3. Big 12 beat Big 10, 101-95
    4. Big 10 beat ACC, 161-35
    5. ACC beat Sun Belt, 140-56
    6. Sun Belt beat Mountain West, 86 - 82
    7. Mountain West beat FBS Independents, 29-19
    8. FBS Independents beat American, 29-27
    9. American beat Conference USA, 67-59
    10. Conference USA beat MAC, 56-52
    11. MAC

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