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    From Michael Falkner@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 21 16:43:03 2023
    Tulane is still the Go5 head at #23, but Liberty University is now at #25.

    25. Liberty
    24. Clemson
    23. Tulane ****
    22. NC State
    21. Tennessee
    20. Oklahoma State
    19. Kansas State
    18. Notre Dame
    17. Iowa
    16. Oregon State
    15. Arizona
    14. LSU
    13. Oklahoma
    12. Ole Miss
    11. Penn State
    10. Louisville
    9. Missouri
    8. Alabama
    7. Texas
    6. Oregon
    5. Florida State falls out
    4. Washington jumps in
    3. Michigan
    2. Ohio State
    1. Georgia


    So the current field right now for the New Year's Six:

    Georgia vs Washington probably in the Sugar
    Ohio State vs Michigan probably in the Rose

    (yes, this will change, but that is the current situation)

    Florida State now goes to the Orange to face Next B10/SEC/ND: Alabama

    Remaining six:

    Tulane (Go5)
    Texas (B12)
    Penn State


    Rivalry Week (and P5 conference title games):

    (1) Georgia @ Georgia Tech (ABC)
    (8) Alabama @ Auburn (CBS)

    (SEC Championship Game 12/2: Georgia vs Alabama LOCKED)

    (2) Ohio State @ (3) Michigan (FOX)
    (17) Iowa @ Nebraska (Friday, CBS)

    (Big Ten Championship Game 12/2: Ohio State/Michigan winner vs. Iowa LOCKED)

    Washington State @ (4) Washington (FOX, after Ohio State/Michigan)
    (16) Oregon State @ (6) Oregon (Friday, FOX)
    (15) Arizona @ Arizona State (ESPN)

    Pac-12 Championship Game: Washington is LOCKED. Oregon must win or Arizona must lose for Oregon to face Washington. An Arizona win and an Oregon loss means Arizona goes because Oregon State would be the next-highest common opponent after Washington (
    both lost) and Arizona beat Oregon State, Oregon would not have in this scenario.

    (5) Florida State at Florida (ESPN)

    ACC Championship Game 12/2: (5) Florida State vs. (10) Louisville

    Texas Tech @ (7) Texas (Friday, ESPN)
    BYU @ (20) Oklahoma State (ESPN)
    TCU @ (13) Oklahoma (Friday, FOX)
    Iowa State @ (19) Kansas State (FOX)

    Most of it is outlined, from the conference, here: https://www.si.com/college/oklahoma/football/big-12-announces-official-tiebreaker-scenarios-for-championship-game

    Texas wins, they're in. In that case, the line is then in the order listed: The highest of Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Kansas State to win faces Texas.

    If Texas loses, they need at least two of the three of Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Kansas State to lose.

    They go no further, but they do state that Texas can be eliminated on a loss and a certain combination of at least two out of the other three win.


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