• CFP/NY6 Week Two Projections

    From Michael Falkner@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 7 19:24:22 2023
    Rose (again, because I think they don't want to put Florida State in the Sugar): (1) Ohio State vs. (4) Florida State

    Sugar: (2) Georgia vs. (3) Michigan

    Orange: 2nd ACC (11) Louisville vs. Best 3rd Big Ten/2nd SEC/ND (8) Alabama

    Unattached but required:

    Best Pac-12: (5) Washington
    Best Big XII: (7) Texas
    Best Go5: (23) Tulane

    Three best remaining teams not listed:

    (6) Oregon
    (9) Ole Miss
    (10) Penn State

    So you slough off Ole Miss and Tulane into the Fiesta.

    The Peach gets one of Washington and Oregon, the Cotton the other.

    Cotton will probably want Texas and Oregon.

    So the Peach would get Washington vs. Penn State.


    Now, what happens if the Big Ten, the NCAA, or the CFP disqualify Michigan?

    Well, you then have Washington moved up to 4, and that would probably mean, for the same reason, Ohio State probably opts for the Sugar vs. Washington.

    And Georgia plays Florida State in the Rose. (kinda ironic, but that's about how I would see it going down unless Ohio State honors "the tradition" one final time).

    Still Louisville and Alabama (Bama beats Penn State by two spots) for the Orange.

    You now have four conference champions, so the only two left would be Texas and Tulane required.

    Tulane and Ole Miss probably still go to the Fiesta, so let's take care of that.

    Texas probably still goes to the Cotton, I think they'd still want Oregon.

    And then Penn State vs. Oregon State in the Peach.

    So, as of right now, it's the Pac-12 holding their breaths.


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