• the problem with this "let the play go and review it later" bullshit...

    From michael anderson@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 30 19:23:39 2023
    the nfl is so fond of doing and patting themselves on the back for......we just saw an example of why that is stupid on mnf.

    Detroit ball carrier has to be down and laying under a couple other bodies, and then it pops out. There is no way watching that live that *anyone* thought that was a turnover.

    But the genius refs decide to "let's just let it play out"......and rule an obvious down by contact a turnover and raiders ball.

    Then the go to the review booth and you can't see shit......common sense(again the same common sense that said he was down on the field....after all everyone had stopped playing even lol) in looking at the replay says he had to have been down, but there
    is no 'definitive proof' or whatever bs term they use. So they let the call stand, and the asshole in the booth who always congratulates refs for tying their shoes congratulates them again because there was 'no firm evidence to overturn'

    So from start to finish you have a complete clusterfuck. You have a player that was down and we saw live he was down, and yet the refs just "let it play out". Then because there is a mass of bodies at the bottom of the pile blocking everything they can'
    t see what was clear initially on the field to overturn.

    tldr version: On obvious plays refs need to stop this "let everything play out" bullshit and just make the right damn call then.

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  • From Michael Falkner@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 30 22:24:38 2023
    Lemme guess: You bet the over.


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