• Title IX works both ways...

    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Tue Oct 24 10:12:40 2023
    Instead of handing Michigan a bowl ban once the smoke clears in the scouting scandal, the NCAA might fine the school God's own number of millions of dollars - what it figures it could make in a bowl game if it wasn't banned from it. This seems to be the
    NCAA's new policy, presumably as a response to:
    (NCAA) Postseason ban
    (School) We want to appeal
    (NCAA) That appeal took forever, but the ban is upheld
    (School) But everybody involved in the original scandal is long gone - a postseason ban would only punish innocent athletes!
    (Note that the NCAA's new policy is:
    (NCAA) Postseason ban
    (School) We want to appeal
    (NCAA) The ban remains in effect while you appeal
    but this doesn't answer the question of what happens when a postseason ban is successfully appealed after it is served.)

    "Get to the point! What does this have to do with Title IX?"
    Any fine against the school is against the entire athletic department, and not just the team in question - so half of the fine is paid for by cutting spending in women's sports.

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