• Re: Moment of truth

    From KP2 KP2@21:1/5 to Joe Liu on Sat Aug 19 10:24:22 2023
    On Saturday, December 29, 1990 at 9:00:22 PM UTC-8, Joe Liu wrote:
    How's WAC ? How's BYU ? How are you ?
    65-14, another bad day for our heisboy trophy winner.
    Those gutless voters, they should be really ashamed of themselves.
    Why could they not vote against Ty with all those great stats ? Why could they not vote against Virginia #1 when they had that great 8-0 record ? Since Heisman trophy and National Championship are national statues ,
    here I declare BYU's defeat today a national shame.

    Because the loolie was too akhard.

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