• The economy just clicking along

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    No wonder Republicans are obsessed with Hunter Biden. They don’t want to talk about the economy.


    (Summary of all of last year’s doom and gloom predictions deleted)

    And how’d those experts do? So far, terribly. We’re now in the back half of a year that was supposedly doomed, and the U.S. economy isn’t just narrowly avoiding a downturn. As the writer Noah Smith points out, nearly everything
    you should want to go well in an economy is going quite well right now.

    Employment is high, inflation is falling, real incomes are rising, and inequality is narrowing. Superlatives abound. The official unemployment
    rate is near a 60-year low, and the jobless rate for Black Americans
    recently hit an all-time low. The U.S. has the fastest growth rate and the lowest annual inflation of any G7 country.


    In April, Americans said it was the worst time to buy stocks in almost 20 years. But the S&P 500 had surged 14 percent in six months leading up to
    April, and stocks are up another 11 percent since then.

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