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    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 14 08:29:58 2023
    Tennessee got hit with an $8 million fine by the NCAA, plus half of the money the SEC got from the 2020 Gator Bowl, for the whole "payments by Jeremy Pruitt and his wife" thing.

    The fine is in place of a postseason ban; the NCAA's reasoning is, "In light of Tennessee’s exemplary cooperation, the panel declines to prescribe a postseason competition ban, which would impact a significant number of student-athletes who were not
    involved in violations." Translation: "We're tired of everybody whining, 'You're punishing innocent athletes for something that was done by a coach who isn't even there any more!' "

    Tennessee also lost 16 scholarships spread out over the next five years (in addition to the 12 it voluntarily gave up over the previous two years), plus a bunch of recruiting restrictions, and OMG THEY HAVE TO TAKE DOWN THEIR 2020 GATOR BOWL BANNER HOW

    Speaking of Pruitt, he got a six-year show-cause order, and any college that does hire him has to sit him for an entire season, and by "sit," that means he can't be in the stadium, and cannot be in contact with any coaches or players.

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