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    Seen on Reddit:

    Two guys from Detroit are driving on the lodge, slip-on black ice, and die. They go straight to hell.

    Satan decides to pay them a visit. He goes to the detroiters place and sees that they're having a great time in their new home.

    He says "guys, this is hell, you're not supposed to enjoy it." They tell
    him "well It's so cold in Detroit we're just enjoying the heat!"

    Satan, furious, goes to the boiler room and turns the heat up. On his way
    back to the Detroiters room the other souls are begging him to turn it back down.

    Upon arriving he notices that they are laughing over a barbecue.
    "Seriously?" Says the devil. "It's several hundred degrees and youre out
    here making hot dogs?!?"

    "Well the weather is just so nice we couldn't skip a chance to get the
    grill out!" They tell him.

    Satan is pissed. He goes to the boiler room and shuts it off. He turns on
    the A/C.

    Hell becomes colder than it's ever been recorded on Earth.

    He goes back to the Detroiters place and sees that they're crowded around a
    TV throwing a party.

    "What in HELL are you doing? You're not supposed to enjoy this! What do you have to celebrate about??" Says Satan.

    The two Detroiters look at him and say "Well we figured hell froze over so
    the Lions must have won."

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