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    The Dodgers brought it on themselves when they kissed up to those
    faggots insulting the Catholic faith.

    Saturday night was one for the history books between the Giants and

    San Francisco pounced on their NL West rivals, delivering a stunning
    15–0 victory at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

    The Dodgers’ loss was their largest defeat during a shutout at home in
    125 years, dating back to an 1898 matchup against the Pirates, per
    ESPN Stats and Info.

    The Giants poured in their most runs against the Dodgers in 10 years
    in the win, despite being held off the scoreboard until the fifth
    inning. They scored at least three runs in four of the last five
    innings of the game, powered by a pinch-hit grand slam from J.D.

    ESPN Stats & Info

    At 15-0, the Dodgers suffered their largest home shutout loss in 125

    On September 20, 1898, the Pirates won 15-0 at New Washington Park
    against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Those 2 games make up the largest home shutout losses in Dodgers
    franchise history.

    Both Davis and Lamonte Wade Jr. provided five RBIs, while Brandon
    Crawford made up four of the team’s 17 hits on the evening.

    A solid start from Los Angeles’s Bobby Miller was quickly undone in
    the fifth and sixth innings, during which he surrendered seven earned

    The big win puts just half a game between the Giants (38–32) and
    Dodgers (39–32) in the NL West, which is led by the upstart
    Diamondbacks (42–280. San Francisco will look to close out the road
    sweep on Sunday, having already picked up a win in Friday’s series

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