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    Worst long distance ad ever!!

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    1.) Deine newsreader ist kaputt!
    2.) 10-3-39 isn't a long-distance company code (although I suppose it
    could be); it's a rec.sport.football.college catchphrase of sorts,
    that refers back to a post made a long, long time ago about the Texas Longhorns beating the University of Texas A and M 42-10. Following
    that game, an old Aggee fan by the name of Theodore M. Smith posted a legendary article with the subject header of "Texas A and M 10, Texas
    3, Referees 39", presumably because he figured the refs gave the
    Bovines 39 of their 42 points.
    Since then, "10-3-39" has been used in rec.sport.football.college as a synonym for closure or death or whatever.
    The subject of this post refers to another rsfc regular, Harry
    Boswell, who in vain has tried to phase out the usage of "10-3-39", by declaring it a "dead schtick". This has not been received in RSFC
    with anything resembling enthusiasm, as this disastrous attempt to
    grab power and clout by the aforementoined Boswell will most likely indefinitely postpone what would have been a pretty automatic election
    into RSFC's Hall of Fame (voted annually, along with the RSFC Awards,
    also known as the "Vijays".)
    In fact, I'm pretty sure even Paul Hanlin will be voted into the RSFC
    HoF before such a petty interloper as this Harry Boswell character.
    who are you? (1$)

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