• Sounds like a challenge to me...

    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 4 10:23:23 2023
    "AI can’t write Tariq’s raps" - "Abbott Elementary" creator & star Quinta Brunson, referring to the show's character Tariq, and how part of the current writers' strike deals with making sure ChatGPT and other AI doesn't start writing, or even co-
    writing, scripts. (Think it hasn't happened yet? A recent episode of "South Park" had ChatGPT as a **credited** co-writer.)

    This is just asking for somebody to create AI raps.

    "Who's Al? Al Bundy? Tim's sidekick Al on Home Improvement? Al, who took over from Arnold when he decided to become a karate teacher or something on Happy Days?" Seriously, somebody needs to use a font where uppercase I and lowercase L don't look alike.

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