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    From The NOTBCS Guy@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 14 07:43:58 2023
    Starting July 1, the "five official visits per recruit" rule will be removed. The only restrictions are, one official visit per recruit per school (two in men's basketball, provided they are in different academic years), unless the head coach leaves
    after the visit, in which case a second official visit is allowed.

    Also, there can now be separate football / men's basketball / baseball / whatever rules in Division I than for the other divisions. It isn't clear if FBS and FCS are allowed to have different football rules, although if they can't, I wouldn't be
    surprised if they change this quickly. (Right now, the only differences tend to be, if a sport has a change that requires a significant change to where it is played - e.g. moving the 3-point line - then Divisions II and III wait a year before
    implementing it, while Division I has to do it immediately, since, presumably, those schools have money available from the men's basketball tournament TV money.)
    My prediction for the first Division I-only change: football hash marks will be in line with the goal posts, just like the NFL does.

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