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    Win HRM Payroll is end to end Cloud HRM and Payroll ERP Software for SMB's. Win HRM Payroll providing tools like HRMS, Payroll software, employee self service portal, leave management, Statutory Compliance. Try Our Win HRM Payroll Cloud HRM ERP Software.
    Core Hr:

    HR Dashboard
    Cloud HRM software provides a variety of key performance indicators for the HR department. With Cloud-based HR software, a manager can take salary and employee metrics out of spreadsheets into an interactive scorecard. Key Data like Official information,
    Personal information, Work Experiences, Nominee, Qualification and certification, absenteeism, salary averages and many others are brought together with great visuals and graphs which can be easily accessed. Moreover, bulk employees data can be uploaded
    through excel instead of entering manually.
    Employee Data Base:
    WinHRMPayroll provides a visually engaging way to aggregate and present employee data with all the information in a meaningful way. Our interactive cloud-based HR software handles all the control over Advance from PowerPoint’s, basic database reports
    and Excel spreadsheets to real-time, that streamline your data like never before. With our one of the best Core HR software, metrics and numbers from multiple data sources are easy to understand, view, and share. This agile form of data delivery sets
    your HR Team apart from the rest.
    Organizational Structure & Reporting Relationships
    Our cloud-based HR Software provides a selective screen to upload the company related documents like Attendance policy, Holiday policy, and Lease policy & Work culture. There is an option to modify holiday periods, which can be preponed or postponed for
    a later selected date. Once the data is modified, the declaration is applied to all the members in the Branch. This feature comes handy in case of public holidays or unforeseen holidays.
    Documentation - CIRCULAR AND POLICY
    Cloud HRMS Applications facilitates managers with an overview of the leaves & attendance of employees with HR analysis report. This information will be displayed in the module and will help managers identify employees' overall performances. Our dashboard
    is one of the best Core HR Software, which help the manager to organize employee data & HR Policies. This Cloud HRMS Application displays varied panels to access through Permissions, Leaves (Employees Leaves), Gratuity Details, Leave Deduction Rules,
    Attendance Rules, TDS (Employees, Admin Employees) and Email. http://www.winhrmpayroll.com

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