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    From Toshio Suzuki@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 16 21:50:24 2015
    Dear rec.skiing.resorts.europe people,

    I hope this mail will find you are doing very well. Recently, I have written a paper.

    "Time at the Light Speed" http://www.w-g.jp/member/suzuki/time-at-light-speed.htm

    In Einstein's theory of relativity, when an object moves at the light speed, time stops and the object becomes a line. My paper shows a new explanation for these phenomena. Also a topic of consciousness is considered.
    New thoughts are often eccentric. My paper is also eccentric. But if you understand the contents, they are very interesting and important. Especially, please see "Figure 9. Field of Soul-Energy". If this figure is understood, the essence of this
    paper is understood. The Figure 9 is applicable at the speed lower than light. Also I wrote about god and soul. The contents of this paper have not been proved scientifically. But, mere imagination is valuable if it is closer to the truth than
    conventional thoughts. I think this paper is closer to the truth than the Einstein's theory of relativity.
    Please have a look.

    Yours Sincerely
    Toshio Suzuki

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