• Crackdown on snow-shoveling scofflaws reveals that big-mouthed scolding

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    A Minneapolis city official who backed a get-tough approach on
    residents who don't shovel snow from their sidewalks was herself the
    subject of seven complaints last winter and was issued a fine of $149
    at a home she owns, according to a report.

    City Council President Lisa Bender, a member of the
    Democratic-Farmer-Labor party who owns the home in the Wedge
    neighborhood with her husband, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that
    she didn't know what condition her sidewalk was in when the complaints
    were made or why her family wasn't able to clear the snow on time.

    Weve owned our house for ten years. Were a family of two working
    parents with two small children, and we do our very best to shovel our
    sidewalk at all times, Bender said.

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    Star Tribune
    Unshoveled or icy sidewalks last winter led to seven complaints, $149
    fine for Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender. http://strib.mn/2zpriIE

    9:30 PM - Nov 27, 2018
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    The city sent out letters earlier this month reminding residents of
    the requirement to shovel their sidewalks after snowstorms, the paper

    Bender said she supports a stricter approach so that sidewalks remain
    clear this winter, according to the report.

    If there are times when we havent gotten to it, then thats why the
    citys enforcement mechanism is there, she said. I should be treated
    like every other property owner in the city.

    City inspectors will be more proactive this winter in searching for
    unshoveled sidewalks and issuing notices of violations, the report


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