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    On Wednesday, August 7, 1996 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Dan Volker wrote:
    The JBL's are not "great" guns, they are just "OK". The round aluminum
    barrel is weak, preventing you from using as much power (thick short rubber bands, two or three of them) as you would want to for maximum speed,
    accuracy and distance. Also, the round barrel oscillates, creating noise easily heard by the fish, and at the same time decreasing accuracy.
    Riffe guns are MUCH better, Biller guns are much better, and if you could find an old Ultimate Gun (made by Pat Frain), you'd have the best possible, with the exception of some of the special custom guns costing well over $1200.
    Unless you dive in very low visibility, you don't want a tiny little 36
    inch gun either---this gives you no range---but it does let you swing it fast, a necessity in 10 foot vis or lower. If you dive in vis over 30 feet, and especially in high vis or blue water sites, 48 inches is the bare minimum, and 54 inches or 60 will shoot much bettet for range, accuracy and hitting power. You need to decide how far the shots you want to take are,
    and the longer the shots you need, the longer the gun you need. My 60 inch Ultimate double barrel shoots accurately and makes great technical shots at 20 feet, and can even hit a flounder dead center at 40 feet (I rarely shoot over 15 feet, but I can if I need to).

    Sean Damron
    My recommendation is the JBL 38 Special. Good power, good range, safe size.


    Yeah Dan- I'm not sure where you have been getting your information but my 42" JBL .38 Special with Aluminum body has killed hundreds of fish in low vis and some in high vis although great vis is rare up here... I have killed 30+ lb lingcod at 20', give
    or take. I use 3- 5/8" x 16" bands and have never had accuracy problems or any problems with the body bending. I prefer my aluminum body to a wooden one because my gun doesn't float, it is pretty much neutral or slightly negative. I cannot speak to
    super clear or blue water because all of my hunts have been in the PNW and our ocean is not often super clear. I would like to know what kind of lanyard you are using to allow for a 40' shot though??? I am pretty sure my gun is good for 30+ feet but my
    lanyard runs out of length at 25'...
    Good Luck and Be Safe out there!

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