• Buddy Commando: horror stories?

    From trevscuba1@yahoo.co.uk@21:1/5 to Phil Clarke on Fri Mar 17 02:47:08 2017
    On Thursday, February 10, 1994 at 10:06:49 AM UTC, Phil Clarke wrote:
    Ive just bought myself a Buddy Commando stab, which I havent got wet yet. When I told the 'old salts' at the dive club they all immediately started sucking on their teeth and regurgitating stories of '10 years ago when I tested a Buddy it was useless etc...'

    So, people out there who actually use them: are they the business, or have they just flooded the British market?

    Cheers ... Phil

    Mate. I've used a Buddy Commando for the past 21 years (yes the same one). Best BCD in the world. Ask the Navy Seals! Your old salts need oiling haha. Trev

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